This weekend I attended the NC Writers’ Network Fall Conference. Or, half of it, really. I skipped yesterday in favor of attending my favorite church celebration of the fall. I met several fun local writers (Hi, Michelle, Karen, and Sheon!), and I got a lot out of two of my workshops and the big addresses.

In an attempt to implement the skills I learned in Linda Rohrbough’s “The Second Log Line” workshop, here’s a description of my current work in progress:

I’m currently writing an inspirational fiction novel. A first time tea shop owner faces a grand opening, her husband’s surprise diagnosis with advanced cancer, and the attentions of a very alluring man, all in the weeks when her stigmata-bearing best friend is away. Plunged into awareness of “the sin that clings so closely,” Sienna learns to be true – to herself, her marriage, and her faith- when there’s no reason to be. The story is about integrity.

Unfortunately, going to the conference meant that I had to miss this month’s HCRW (Heart of Carolina Romance Writers) meeting, but I’m hoping to catch that very fun group of writers next month.

What are you writing?