Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate the day and the return to health of my whole family (at last!), I got to interview Indie romance writer Krystal Shannan, writing mother and author of A Very Russian Christmas, and the Vegas Mates and Pool of Souls series. Read on to find out how this busy mama makes time to write, her process, and where to find out more about her books.


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Writing Mother Krystal Shannan, Author of the newly released Finding Hope: Pool of Souls Book 2

How many children do you have, and what are their ages?
I have one three-year-old daughter.

How do you find time to write?
Because my daughter is so young, I do most of my writing in the morning before work and in the evening after she goes to bed. It is practically impossible to focus enough to write while she is at home, but I do get a lot of my social media marketing in while she’s eating or playing. It’s all about finding those moments here and there and making good use of them. I also have a fabulously supportive hubby who makes sure I get several uninterrupted hours of writing on the weekend.

In which genre do you write?
I write semi-erotic romance, about a 3-4 heat level on a 5 scale.

How does your writing affect your family life?
It does take time away from my family life, especially right now while I’m trying to get it going. I hope once I’m earning enough money to replace my full-time job salary, I will actually be able to spend more of my evenings and weekends with my family again. If anyone has gone back to school while working a full-time job, they can relate to how much time I’m spending. It’s an investment in my family’s future and we are all working together as a team to make it happen.

What is your typical writing pace?
I write about 800-1200 words per hour. I usually write in hour-long blocks of time.

Where do you write?
I write all over, LOL. Couch. Bed. Desk. At work during lunch. On the laptop, iPad, stickynotes…journals.

Do you write with background music? A soundtrack?
I do not like any music. Silence is key.

What inspires you?
Considering my answer to the previous question, I have to say that music inspires new ideas…which is probably why I can’t listen to it while actually writing. I also have found inspiration for ideas through photos.

Who are some authors who inspire you?
I am inspired by the indie authors Liliana Hart, Carrie Ann Ryan, and Kallypso Masters {Links to these authors possibly NSFW, due to suggestive partial nudity}. I enjoy reading all of their books as well.

Do you have a favorite color or palette that shows up in your writing?
Not particular colors, but my characters usually have a favorite food that pops up at some point.

Where can we find you on the web?

Krystal Shannan Love and Destiny in all Realms

Author of

Chasing Sam: Vegas Mates Book 1 Amazon Smashwords | & Others

Open House: Pool of Souls Book 1 Amazon | Smashwords | & Others

A Very Russian Christmas AmazonSmashwords | & Others

Finding Hope: Pool of Souls Book 2 – Just released! Amazon  | Smashwords | & Others

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Thank you, Krystal! Best wishes on your career and in parenthood!

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