This week, I had the privilege of participating in Indy Week’s roundtable discussion on the new domesticity. Emily Matchar has written an informative book called Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity, and I get to go hear her read at a local independent bookstore this evening! (The Regulator, 7pm) I started reading Ms. Matchar’s book, and I did the recognition dance. My friends keep chickens! I crochet and cook from scratch! My characters sew clothing! I grow food and herbs in my garden! And so on.

Sage in bloom in North Carolina

The flourishing sage in our herb garden.

Not only am I one of the women who has left the traditional job market to rear children, homeschool, garden, and try to build community around simplicity, but some of the women in Can’t Buy Me Love also reflect this cultural shift. I’m going to write a brief series of essays on how I came to embrace the idea that women’s work can be a healthy part of women’s lib. But today, there’s even bigger news!

hippies around back

You can see why I like to drink coffee at Bean Traders.

Amazon has just released the print version of my book! {Can’t Buy Me Love Print Version} If you like to read paper books, go check it out!