Children reach an age sometime in their first year when they notice that their parents love them. Not long after, the child generally gives the stink eye to her big brother, clings to her mother, and says, “MY Mama.” When this happened with our daughter, I immediately picked up my son and hugged him and kissed his head. “I love both of my children,” I told her. And even though they occasionally stink eye each other and try to hog one parent or another, for the most part, the children feel happy knowing we love them. They rarely feel the urge to exclude their sibling from the family circle, and when they do, they get reminded that we love them both.

Earlier this week, I was thinking about the various factions in the church. Most of the discord comes down to, “MY Mama.” I can imagine God gently loving on all her kids and reminding each of his steady love.

What put me in mind of our childish ways of trying to claim God against one another was a circumstance of good news. We are expecting twins this spring!

The obligatory blurry ultrasound photo!

The obligatory blurry ultrasound photo!

We’re very happy about our little ones! I’m finally at a place where the nausea is tapering off a bit, and I can return to blogging regularly. But I’ll also need to use most of my small store of energy for finishing the manuscript of my next novel before our house overfloweth with blessed children!

If you’re a twin parent with a blog, please comment with a link! I’d love to find out how others manage. And if you’re a writing parent who has managed to keep going through twins(!), please comment so I can invite you to guest post!