It’s no secret that my most recent book, The Salvation of Jeffrey Lapin, is filled with cake. With the holidays coming up, I started asking around my author friends to see if anyone else had a book loaded with calories cake. That’s how I found Franky A. Brown, fellow writer whose book Julia the Secret Keeper will get you in a feasting mood. Read on to hear a little about Franky’s writing process and the role of cake in her novel.


Author Franky Brown is on Writing Like a Mother to talk about her writing process and the role of cake in her book, The Secret Keeper.

Author Franky Brown is on Writing Like a Mother to talk about her writing process and the role of cake in her book, Julia the Secret Keeper.

What problems do your main characters overcome?

My main character, Julia Fairfield, is dealing with major changes in her life on many levels. When the story begins, she is learning how to live with a major diet change. However, by far, her biggest problem is being the unofficial secret keeper of her family. She is bombarded with secrets from everyone she knows and she doesn’t like it. Her mother’s secret is the most surprising.

How do sweets and cake advance your story?

Julia has just learned she is gluten intolerant. She has a crazy sweet tooth and all throughout the story she is craving the sweets around her. Cupcakes make several appearances. Her mother is a master at cupcake art and later cupcakes become a weapon at her sister’s wedding. All the sweets in the book (cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cheesecake, etc) are tied to certain memories she has and with this experience she realizes how large a role food plays in our social and personal lives. Holidays, special events and family gatherings almost always involve sweets.

Share a little about your writing routine.
My writing routine is sporadic. With a one-year-old, I normally write during nap times. The amount of writing I do depends on how awake I feel that day. Bursts of creativity come and go. I like to write my ideas out with pen and paper first and type them later.
Thank you, Franky! I just purchased my copy of Julia the Secret Keeper to read while recovering from the big feast tomorrow. Readers, please check out Franky’s book and follow her online.
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Pick up this clean, food filled read for your Thanksgiving weekend! Author Franky Brown interview on Writing Like a Mother blog.


Julia the Secret Keeper by Franky A. Brown

Everyone has a secret…and college junior Julia Fairfield knows them all. She is the only one her family and friends tell all their secrets to. She never expected the shocking secret her mother asks her to keep and she isn’t sure if she can keep it a secret for long. While dealing with major changes in her life, the only one who understands her is Nick…the guy her best friend is in love with. She soon finds that on a rollercoaster ride through a world of ridiculous secrets, love can take you by surprise.

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