Growing up in the 1980s, my little girl cousins and friends and I had habits that would horrify me if my own kids had them.

  1. Walking on tiptoes because grown up women always wore high heels to be sexy.
  2. Playing with candy cigarettes so we could smoke like the grown ups.
  3. Talking to strange men who thought we were pretty because our moms told us not to be rude.
  4. Reading in teen magazines that we should pretend to be dumb because boys don’t like girls smarter than they are.
  5. Mimicking commercials where women talk about having not so fresh feelings.
  6. Breathing lots of Aqua Net to get the proper loft for 3rd Grade picture day hair.
  7. Having to play the sexy but basically useless female sidekick when we played Buck Rogers.
  8. Wearing pantyhose with shorts to be sexy.
  9. Aspiring to wear a leather bustier and singing, “Like a Virgin” at slumber parties.
  10. Not knowing anything about female anatomy so that we were terrified when we heard that girls start bleeding from down there.
  11. Judging each other based on where we shopped for clothes.

How about you? What did you grow up with that you’re glad isn’t part of your life anymore?