There’s this advice that is drilled into writers. THOU SHALT DO SOCIAL MEDIA. For real. Google it. It’s all over social media.

The problem, of course, is that writers are supposed to be writing. That means we have to limit ourselves to what we can manage, rather than trying to do it all. I recently joined Instagram (handle: Somemyrrh) and renewed my love affair with Pinterest. Wow. Now we’re supposed to be visual artists, too, participating in themed days or making movements with images of quotes.

Which is why I’ve gathered you here today. If we are going to make a movement, why not make it something worthy of a Trapper Keeper from the 1980s? (I miss my unicorn pegasus Trapper Keeper and cool Pegasus folder with the rainbow.)

At first, I thought I would just tell you a little something about unicorns, like did you know I have a unicorn tapestry in my house? Or that I tell my children homespun bedtime stories that we call “unicorn stories” that feature the eponymous creatures arriving for tea and wreaking mischief?

Let's celebrate unicorns!

Let’s celebrate unicorns!

But then I remembered that I have to be what the Internet calls social media savvy, so here’s my new take. A gorgeous, pinnable piece of art cum sparkling wit:

Unicorn writing

Happy Unicorn Thursday!