First of all, I posted for Unicorn Thursday on Instagram and Twitter (@Somemyrrh for both), but not here. So, a day late, behold the meeting of unicorn BFFs:
Of course tea pots are unicorns. Think about it. See?

Of course tea pots are unicorns. Think about it. See?

And now, some wisdom for my children:
  • You should always assume there’s a secret passageway in absence of evidence to the contrary.
  • Even the bad guys in your dreams and stories are you. Let that teach you compassion.
  • I look a lot at the edges of things, but you are my heart.
  • Comfortable shoes are worth the money; uncomfortable shoes are not worth the attention.
  • Wear a pretty color. When you grow up, wear a pretty color with your black or grey jacket.
  • Pearls are classier and more elegant than diamonds.
  • If you decide to give something, give it with gratitude and let it go. If you can’t let it go or be grateful to give it, stop and ask if you’re tempted to prodigality. Don’t give what you can’t let go.
  • Never hit a girl. Or your brother. Y’all are made in the image of God and deserve respect.
  • If you wouldn’t do it to Jesus, don’t do it to the people around you.
  • Learn to make good soup and bread. I’ll teach you my favorites so you have a launching place. Then you can always give a good meal to your guests.
  • The secret to good sweet tea is 1/4 cup sugar to the gallon, then pour in some more till it tastes right.
  • Even crazy people need love. Write that down for when you complain about me to your therapist.
  • Let yourself love God and truth and beauty so much that you aren’t decent about it. Running mascara or noses are worthy expressions of a full heart.
  • Makeup secrets from my grandma: good powder and red lipstick. To which I’ll add: good mascara and eye liner, plus a bottle of blanc de Chanel highlighter to bring out your eyes.
  • If you’re going to do it, give it your all so there’s no room for fear.
  • When you have important work to do, don’t let lesser things get in the way. Church and family are not lesser things.
  • Teacups are suitable for coffee and wine, too.
  • Always carry a collapsible cup in the summer.
  • Carry two clean hankies so you can give one away if needed.
  • We love you so, so much, children of joy!

Do you have a piece of wisdom you’d like to share? Add in the comments!