I knew I had reached a new phase of adulthood when I had to buy new glasses recently. Instead of asking if they were pretty, I asked myself if they reflected my personality honestly. It was only a month after picking them that I noticed the difference. Were they in a color I like? Yes. Plum. Flattering? Yes, but not pretty. As I told my husband, the only one of my Advisory Panel (my sister and Facebook friends) who saw the suitability of the frames right off, these glasses do some of the work for me. They aren’t bland. They’re the kind my dear Aunt Keely calls “cerebral.” Or, as my friend Claire said, “You look like a writer.”   

When I go to write or edit a story, all the others rush to mind and demand attention. Kind of like doing anything with five children in the house. The discipline of writing is more important than ever in these days with superabundant demands and an absence of free time. I need all the help I can get to focus. Tea, prayers, quiet, of course. And now, glasses that cut to the chase. 

Where among the little things in your life are you choosing to be more genuine?