I grew up in libraries. 


IMG_2288   Hey, I heard that!

My grandmother worked in our local public library, and the ladies in Acquisition and the Book Mobile took me under their wings. I got to read all the fresh, spines uncracked books right as they came in. And because they also took care of removing the old books, I got to page through the vanilla scented browned paged discards, occasionally spiriting a volume away from its doom. I gained a lifelong love of old children’s books (and new children’s books, as my children’s hundreds of books attest) from my time in the back rooms of the library.

That’s my reasoning behind dedicating most of an entire weekend volunteering at the Read Local Book Festival.

Yes, I know I have five children, including a 2 month old baby. Yes, I know it’s volunteer. But BOOKS! LIBRARIES! SHARING THE LOVE!

Y’all, let me be plain. Libraries saved me. They saved my life. Just like the Reading Rainbow theme song. God gave the hope, but books fed it. They lit my path out of dark places. So I’m glad to give back.


On Saturday, I’m leading a workshop for children on creative writing.

Then Sunday, I’m pairing up with Rebekkah Niles, author of Into the Tides (affiliate link), at a booth in the Exhibitor Fair. She’ll be at the table from noon-3pm, and I’ll be there from 3-6pm.


Meanwhile, I get to participate in a celebrity reading! Several local authors will be reading throughout the afternoon from works outside their genres.

into the tides

But back to Rebekkah Niles. When I found out I had a booth at the Exhibitor Fair, I knew right away that I wanted to share it with another emerging author. Rebekkah’s book captured my imagination when I heard excerpts at a speculative fiction writers group we both attended. She’s also an HCRW (RWA) chapter mate, so I know she’s a good sort. But go look at her {website}. Did you read her header? We write in different subgenres -I’m inspy, she’s not – but tea! broken people! I knew we could champion each other’s works.


That’s why, during the Exhibitor’s Fair next Sunday, if someone purchases both of our books, I will give them a free copy of my Creative Writing for Kids bestselling ebook! And if you buy both of my books AND Rebekkah’s book, there’s a little something extra: a free beeswax candle of your choice.

And now, a request. Please, on Sunday, May 17, from 8-9:30pm, come out to Motorco in Durham, NC, and be in my corner for Writers in the Ring. It’s kind of a big deal, y’all. Check out {this newspaper article} on this Creative Writing Fracas.

Lift a lighter for me, y'all.

Lift a lighter for me, y’all.

If you’re anywhere nearby, come out. But if you’re too far to be there in person, say a prayer, send good vibes, light a candle, raise a lighter, and wish on a star for me, will ya?

It’s for the library, and I want to do the library proud.