Let your light shine!

Let your light shine!

Of course you’re inadequate, because God works through our weakness.

Of course you’re nervous. That’s humility.

Of course it’s strange to be seen. Just think of how weird it was for the saints when God made miracles through them.

But you’re also upset because you’ve been trying to live a lie. You know full well that you’re not less than anyone else. And here’s the deal: God didn’t make you anyone else. So there. You have to be yourself. If your gift is a trumpet, honey, do not try to make it play second fiddle.

You will burn the house down hiding that light, and then where will you be? A light unshone will destroy instead of build. It will eat up your bones with fire. You won’t go back to the peaceful life of fishing after you’ve been set alight by God. Where else can you go? What else can you do? You know the source of eternal life now. Every part of you will feed that flame, and you will live out loud and bright.

Thank you to my Sisters in the faith who remind me to let my light shine like Jesus said. Where are you trying to hide your light today?