Playing with the tophat before the workshop.

Read Local Book Festival was wonderful! The kids at the Creative Writing for Kids workshop at the library were talented and fun.

The celebrity readings went quite well on Sunday. I laughed through Alice Osborn‘s reading of an excerpt from Tea & Crumples.

The table I shared with Rebekkah Niles was beautiful. We even made the front page of the local paper, the Herald Sun, on Monday (see below for a meta moment). It was great seeing Rebekkah shine at the first signing of her debut novel!

Since we shared table duty, we both had a chance to explore the Exhibitor Fair. I was grateful to meet Diogenes Ruiz of Edgy Christian Fiction. He is going to feature The Salvation of Jeffrey Lapin on the blog!

Then came Sunday Night.

Writers in the Ring was the coolest manifestation of literary nerdhood imaginable. I went first. (Read the Clarion Content coverage for that.) My worthy competitors had me hooked through their performances, and I came away with two gifts: a smile stamped on my soul and the self-knowledge that I get an adrenaline rush from writing.

The winner, Dasan Ahanu, literally wrote his final poem around his opponent, poet shirlette ammons; It was the kind of artistry that makes it impossible not to rejoice in a competitor’s win.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Library through the inaugural Read Local Book Festival! We exceeded the fundraising goal of $20k!

Look what I saw in the grocery store Monday night!

In honor of the festival, I put The Salvation of Jeffrey Lapin on sale for 99¢ on Kindle and iBooks through the end of May.