This weekend is the St. Barbara Greek Festival here in Durham. (It’s on from 11-9 tomorrow, too.) 

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 My husband and I are both participating. He’s running an iconography demonstration booth, and I sang at the church tours.  

Chanter selfie. it was great singing with these guys.

 Chanting in my babywrap, y’all, because I’m classy. Baby girl hung out with her dad while I sang. 

The youngest apprentice in the house.

 I was caring for baby girl most of the day, but I got to talk with a few people about the church building. I always mention the different time in liturgy, kairos (pronounced Kir-os). Past, present, and future happen at once. The icons help us to see this reality, and we are drawn into God’s time and God’s presence. And then the setting sun does the talking for me: 

writing like a mother photo

an iconostasis draws one nearer to God rather than separates