Available now wherever books are sold.

Available now wherever books are sold.

I have been so grateful to find help from fellow writers these past 8 months since Jeffrey was emerging into the world. A new friend helped me recently to think more clearly about how I tell people about my writing. If you follow this blog on a computer instead of reader, you’ll notice the new, clearer header. My Twitter and Facebook headers are also simpler and more revelatory. It was time to update Jeffrey’s cover, too.

There’s a heart to every story, and this one is broken. It’s a beautiful, fast read with a message of healing that I hope will reach everyone else who feels that he or she is broken, too. There’s also a lot of cake, which makes the healing go down smoothly.

Ancient faith confronts an old evil in

I decided to make the cover more like an icon wall in a real home. This allowed me to use an iconic font in the title and to add a message about the book’s heart right on the cover. (Note: the cover update is only for the ebooks so far, which are available on Kindle and iBooks. It will be a few weeks before I have time to redo the print cover.)

Since this book is a genre buster, it doesn’t help to know that it’s Christian fantasy/romance/theology/spiritual warfare. Instead, I wrote what you really want to know about it, how it feels. This is a book of hope for broken people. If you want to see richly layered redemption, read The Salvation of Jeffrey Lapin.

How about you? What’s the heart of your book?