I so enjoyed talking with the insightful Elizabeth Hein at Scribbling in the Storage Room! I hope you’ll read our conversation about work/life balance and the trick to “doing it all.”

Elizabeth Hein - Scribbling In The Storage Room

Today, Summer Kinard is visiting the Storage Room. Summer and I live in the same city, so I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Tea & Crumples earlier this month. Summer read from her book while the audience drank tea and nibbled on tea cakes. Everyone had a lovely afternoon.

I was intrigued by Tea & Crumples and have asked Summer to chat a bit about her book. I hope you enjoy getting to know her better.

What was the inspiration for Sienna’s journey in Tea & Crumples?

I’m fond of a three-stranded plot. I always knew that Sienna would struggle to get the teashop off its feet and that her husband Peter would have a medical crisis at the same time. I was taken by surprise by the third strand of grief, but it fit. When I was in seminary, I first got an inside look…

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