My son loves math. He also asks good theological questions. We hear over and over in church, “now and ever and unto the ages of ages.” The Greek sounds more like “eternities of eternities.”

summer kinard's iconostatasis

the older children and my nephew prayed by their Archangel patrons

 To my son, the biggest amount is, “infinity sets of infinity.” He supplements this concept by spelling it out a bit: infinity sets of infinity sets of infinity sets of infinity sets of infinity…

When he uses the phrase, I pay attention. Only important topics warrant it. 

I try to bless the children every day, using a word formula I’ve repeated since the oldest was tiny. I pull each one close and tell them this blessing. (I even spoke it over the tiny casket of the child we lost to miscarriage.) The past few times I’ve whispered the blessing into my oldest son’s ear on the way to Communion, he has said, “Mom, you’ve already told me that infinity sets of infinity.” 


I hope I get to be here to bless him for many more sets of infinity. Staring down middle age is making me a more conscientious parent. If I can hasten the love of God in each child, if I can set up a turning lane on some dark way in their futures, if they remember first of all how loved and welcome they are, I will have made a start in the right direction. 

I don’t think in resolutions. To me, there is too much redolent of Robert’s Rules in a resolution. But I like to tweak best practices. I like goals and high fives and kitchen dances when they’re reached. 

This year, I will write more. We’re aiming to rearrange the basement to make a better writing space. I want a plotting wall for the twisty stories taking shape. 

I’m planning to shift the closets around and get the superfluous piles of outgrown clothes out of the way of the babies who outgrew them.

I’m going to eat more vegetables and try to find 5 or 6 ways to cut back on sugar. 

But what I hope for the new year is to love more. I want to find small ways to tuck infinity sets of infinity into the bellies around me. 

What do you want to do this year?