A friend shared {this article on the linguistic analysis of Disney Princess films}.

I found it interesting, but such analysis misses the point, in my opinion.

I think the Princess movies are metaphors representative of their eras’ upward mobility. Snow White worked hard and was kind and lucked out (Great Depression). Cinderella worked hard but needed external help to class up (Rosie the Riveter gets hitched). Sleeping Beauty had to be raised elsewhere to avoid a family curse (boarding school, war orphans). Ariel had to be remarkably talented and resourceful but behave well and talk little to shift sideways socially. Belle had to make the grades to get the job. Jasmine had to settle for a good guy with a checkered past. Mulan had to act like a dude to be accepted. Tiana worked hard and literally overcame the beastly characterization of racism to achieve her dream. Merida had to defy her family expectations while utilizing the resources and privileges they gave her. Elsa had to overcome bad parenting, isolation, and one heck of an imposter syndrome to find peace. Anna had to overcome a lack of street sense and learn to choose her loyalties carefully. 

These are life skills that girls need. Every girl in my high school knew that college was the way to a good job. Every girl today knows that they have to let go of shame and learn to use their talents for good if they want to succeed in the hyper exposed world they’re growing into. 

What do you think? 

I’ve written before about princesses in “Why There Are No Mothers.