Why visual schedules?

Autism makes thinking different. To stay in church, a stable visual cue set can help a great deal. A visual schedule of the order of service provides social cues in a static way so that a person with autism does not have to work so hard to isolate them and process them. It also gives an easy to reference order of actions, so that one can plan one’s movements ahead of time and with less anxiety.

Roman Catholic Mass Visual 1

Free download of visual schedule for Mass. Help children with autism and sensory processing disorders stay in church services with this useful tool tailored to the order of service.

After seeing the enormous difference the {Orthodox Church Liturgy visual schedule} has made in so many families’ lives, I realized that I wanted to share this resource with Christians in other churches. Because many of my relatives and most Christians in the world are Roman Catholic, I have prepared a visual schedule for the Roman Catholic Mass. I hope that this free resource will help many, many families to attend church services. 

To use a visual schedule, I recommend laminating it or placing the pages in heavy duty page protectors after printing. Stickers go in each box to the right of the schedule item, as the service progresses. Alternatively, a marker may be used to check off progress.

Download the free Visual Schedule in PDF here:

Roman Catholic Mass Visual Schedule

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Full color, heavy-duty laminated versions of the Roman Catholic Mass visual schedule are available for purchase at $5 US in the Awetism Etsy store. The images are not copyrighted by Summer Kinard, but they cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes. The Awetism store charges only for preparation. You are free to use the Mass schedule from this site as long as you do not resell it.