So many of us parents with special needs hear “I could never” from supportive friends. Here is an insightful response by Maura Oprisko, with the help of St. Mary of Egypt.

The Least of These


St. Mary of Egypt is probably my favorite saint. I was instantly sucked into her story in a way I absolutely could not explain, especially because as a convert, I was a little squeamish about the idea of connecting with any particular saint to begin with. But immediately when I read her life, I openly wept these, like, super emotional tears.

I had no idea why. It’s not as if I found anything at all in common with her (I spent my youth as a very good little girl; St. Mary was a prostitute. Then I did what everyone my age was doing–got married and had babies; she abandoned her whole life and lived in repentance in the desert). But now, seven or eight years later, I understand.

Sometimes the saints single you out, and, since they live outside time, can say before we do–Ah, yes. I know you; I know this struggle…

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