New Stone Pillow kindle
The Stone Pillow is a clean Orthodox Christian romance novella, a story of God and a woman and a man, a journey through grief, love, and mysticism in places worn thin by the footsteps of saints. It’s available now on Amazon.

Legend has it that any maiden who rests her head on St. Tredwell’s Stone Pillow will see the face of her true love.

Ariadne runs from love all the way to the edges of the world. Her work as an elite scholar of medieval Christian artifacts allows her to shelter her heart behind the stones she studies – until she meets Angus, her equal in everything but fear.

Together they’ll discover if hearts with room for legends have room for love.

“It’s a short novel, but it’s beautifully written, well paced and envelopes you in a complete world of visions, Scottish brogue, chilly autumn walks along a sea coast and bright, star-filled nights that show the glory and wonder of the Lord. Summer shows us what it is to see through the thin places of the world, to the colourful, brilliant world of the spiritual that is always there if we only have the eyes to see.” – Bev Cooke, Author of Royal Monastic and Keeper of the Light

“The writing is luminous and passionate, full of magic and miracles. Kinard has managed to make us believe in the holiness of Romance, indeed, has illustrated the close connection between spiritual and romantic ecstasy. What Angus and Ariadne share is true intimacy, a holy bond that parallels the stories of Christ as the Bridegroom. Secular romance novels look like cheap imitations of the real thing that Kinard has written about.” – Deborah Hining, Author of In the Midst of Innocence and A Sinner in Paradise

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