Tea & Crumples releases November 2015 with Light Messages.

Tea & Crumples released November 2015 with Light Messages.

 “Tea is how I love people.”

Welcome to Tea and Crumples where tea brewed strong with grace has the power to bring people together. The click of chess pieces and susurrus of fine papers mingle with aromas of warm pastries, tea, and the caramel of hospitality. Through it all, the steady love of God pours out in daily rituals.

Meet Sienna, whose spiritual gifts are the heart of the shop. Walk with her as she struggles to believe in miracles even while she walks in the shadow of death under the weight of temptation.

Tea makes Sienna remember. She remembers pain in order to hold fast the joy of her lost daughter and happiness gone in order to hold fast to Peter’s love. Tea is there with Sienna when every bit of her has been poured out. So are her friends. They keep vigil when all that’s left is faith, tea, and love.

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Available NOVEMBER 2, 2015 wherever books are sold. Order today online at Amazon, on iTunes, or request a copy at your local independent book store or public library.

Also check out my Tea & Crumples blog for posts on my life with tea, stationery, old books, and other outposts of faith, tea, and love.