New and improved: Visual Schedule for the Orthodox Divine Liturgy

We’ve used the original visual schedule almost every week for the past three years to help my children participate in…

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Non-Verbal Prayer: The Jesus Prayer Matching

I’m working into the wee hours every night to finish up the manuscript for my book, Of Such is the…

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Accessible Prayer Corner Tutorial

The most effective and lasting way to teach is through how we arrange and prioritize spaces. The ancients knew this…

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Mercy Cleanings

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Antiochian Village to attend the Ancient Faith Women’s Retreat. On the first morning,…

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Patron Saints of Autism

For those of us who ask the help of saints in our daily lives, one of the first questions that…

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Listening with Lazarus in the time of the Rona

Lazarus was listening for Jesus long before he died. He would hear his friend’s voice on the road of an afternoon and rush to find his sisters.

“Martha, bring the good olives. Mary, set out your finest cheese. I will get the water to wash his feet.”

He listened for the voice on his sickbed, his deathbed, and in the tomb, he listened.

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