Book cover has a tender forehead to forehead photo of a father and a small child with Down Syndrome. Above the father/child, a golden toned arc holds a detail from the icon of Jesus blessing the children. Text on book cover: Of Such is the Kingdom A Practical Theology of Disability. Summer Kinard
Of Such is the Kingdom: A Practical Theology of Disability
Summer Kinard

Available Wherever Books are Sold October 22, 2019

Disability is not a boundary to holiness, because God is with us. But it can sometimes be an obstacle to full participation in the life of the Church, simply because many do not understand what is needed to help people with disabilities overcome any physical, mental, or interpersonal challenges they may face in church and in leading an Orthodox Christian life. This book addresses the question from theological, practical, and experiential perspectives, giving persons and families with disabilities the opportunity to voice their needs and suggest some things the rest of us can do to make them welcome in the household of God.

ISBN: 978-1-944967-61-1
Library of Congress Control Number:2019950085

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About Summer Kinard

Author and Speaker Summer Kinard
Equipping you with the practical wisdom you need to include ALL Christians in learning.

As an autistic mother rearing autistic children in the Faith, Summer Kinard knows firsthand many of the gifts and challenges of life with disabilities. She brings her extensive background in patristic theology and catechesis (B.A. in religion, M.Div., Th.M. in early church history and theology) to skillfully weave together the healing patterns of Holy Tradition with the daily patterns of life. An engaging speaker and dynamic workshop leader, Summer shares her hard-won wisdom with her audience, walking with them through the narrow places of community life with disabilities.

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What People Say

Finally! A resource for church school teachers (really it’s for anyone who loves people with special needs) who want to know practical ways to lovingly welcome ALL our children to know Christ and His Church more deeply.

-Pauline Fletcher Magnusson

You need this book. It will help you talk to your priest, the Sunday School teachers, other members of your parish. You will feel understood.

Charlotte Riggle

I can’t wait to get home to tell my parish about teaching to the senses with patristic patterns. We can use these methods for our teens and adults, too!

-Workshop Attendee

Let’s prepare the way for including everyone in church together.

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