Raised by dogs?

When I was a little forest child wandering through the countryside for as long as physically possible every day, my faithful companion was my part chow, part collie dog, Bear. He was such a big part of my life that for a while I joked that I was raised by wolves. No matter how far I wandered, Bear would always come when I called him. He shaped my heart, and because of that, he shaped my faith.

In a couple of weeks, we at Park End Books are going to be receiving two big pallets of board books that share that faith. Others who love dogs and love God will love this book, too. Come, Stay, Fetch: The Gospel According to Dogs (written by yours truly, Illustrated by Kathryn Tussing) tells the Gospel story through simple dog commands illustrated in a color spectrum that dogs can see. But what’s most beautiful about it is how it invites you into the story. Take a look at this Origin story from the Park End Books YouTube channel:

If you love dogs and Jesus, this book should be on your holiday wish list!

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite dog story that reminds you of faith, hope, and love!

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