Here you’ll find my hands-on teaching and prayer resources for children and families with disabilities. I strive to connect families with disabilities with full church life through the deep resources of our faith. If it’s by me, I have test-driven it and found it helpful for our autistic family or my students with disabilities. In the lower part of this page, you’ll find links to pages and posts about disability life in the Orthodox Church and in Christian life with disabilities generally, with an emphasis on ministry and church life with children and families.

visual version of the Lord's prayer in picture symbol language
Click image to download and print.

Romans 8:28 Art Journaling Starter Kit Explore the scripture creatively to prepare for the 2023-2024 Creative Arts Festival.

How To Clean A Room Visual Checklist

Exalting the Valley of Disability (Antiochian East PLC 2021) Includes video of the presentation plus MANY resources. 

Nurturing Independence in Prayer (GOARCH Center for Family Care Fully Human Webinar)

6 Ways to Help Calm a Meltdown at Church

Visual Schedule for the (Western Rite) Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory

Welcoming People with ADD/ADHD at Church

Improved Visual Schedule for the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Resources for 7 Best Practices for Therapeutic Homeschool webinar (includes several free printables)

Allergen Check List Free Printable Print & display alongside foods at social gatherings.

Sensory Meltdown Calming Card

Hands-On Church School Curriculum Example Month If you want to see what a truly accessible and inclusive Sunday school class pattern looks like, check this out. Follow my Instagram account for examples of the accessible church school approach in action.

Accessible Prayer Corner Tutorial

Jesus Prayer Matching Printable

Can People With Disabilities Be Happy?

Prayer Book With Visual Prayers

Everyday Orthodox with Elissa Bjeletich Podcast “Meet Summer Kinard”

Non-Verbal Prayer Three Ways

Faith Encouraged Live Podcast “Making Room for Everyone This Christmas”

Autism-Accessible Sunday School Lesson: Silent Night

Holiday Tips For Special Needs Families

Patron Saints of Autism

Flexible Orthodox Liturgy Schedule

7 Ways to Act on Your Autism Awareness in Church

Church Bag Printables to Improve Focus – Holy Week Version

The 5 Differences in Autism Homeschools

Sensory Diet Checklist for Your Church

Church Bag Tour : see what’s in our church bag that helps us through Liturgy.

Simple Prayer Card Printables

Bible Study Communication Board

Visual Schedules for Orthodox Liturgy

Visual Schedule for Roman Catholic Mass

Visual Schedule for Episcopal Eucharist Rite Two

Visual Lord’s Prayer and Evidence-Based Resource Links

Church Social Communication Board to aid participation in church life.

Prayer Board for Concrete Thinkers

Awetism Etsy Shop with ready-made austism church resources (ON HIATUS)

Free Prodigal Son Hands-On Sunday School Lesson for concrete thinkers.

Always Lent blog for Orthodox Christians living with dietary restrictions.

The Logos for My Nonverbal Son guest post on Catherine’s Pascha blog.

Halloween for Children with Special Needs on Catherine’s Pascha blog, a post to which I contributed.

Other Sites That Cover Life With Disabilities in the Orthodox Church

Charlotte Riggle

Arms Open Wide (William Gall)

Caregiver Conversations (Alana Sheldahl)

Illumination Learning Church School Seminar on Special Needs (Jennifer Hock)

Additional Online Resources

Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops: Disability and Communion

St. Nicholas Program Special Needs Family Camp

Autism and Orthodoxy – A Few Notes by Arlyn Kantz

Hidden Disabilities Keep Kids Out of Church

The Church and the Child With Hidden Disabilities

Families of Children With Special Needs Resources

Dear Church, People With Disabilities Matter by Ellen Stumbo

Autism and Faith

What are the Stats on Disability and Church?

The Association of Religious Data Archives

Congregational Accessibility Network Resources for Orthodox

Church Access for the Deaf

Baylor University Guide to Making Churches Accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

The Wounded Healer Podcast “Communication and Alternative Communication: Interview With Dr. Katya Hill”

Orthodox Christian Parenting “A Handful of Resources to Help Us Better Care for Children With Invisible Disabilities”

Faith Encouraged Live Podcast “Making Room For Everyone This Christmas”

Family Matters Podcast “Special Needs Families”

The Prayer Team Podcast “Special Message on Inclusion and Special Needs”

Love and Food Allergies at Church

How My Faith and Autism Activism Go Hand in Hand article by Michael Lado

Download a PDF version of Basic Guidelines of Welcome here.