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Have you ever wished there was a way to get children’s attention instead of having to cajole them about their behavior? Have you ever wished that children would remember the Sunday school lessons that so many people worked to bring them? Have you lamented the need to get back to teaching the virtues? Do you need ideas on how to teach children with learning or communication challenges? Do you have an empty classroom and want some ideas on how to arrange it for learning? Do you just need a free set of lesson guidelines for September?


I don’t quite have my feet on the ground after my summer “break.” (I’ll be posting more regularly again in September.) But I wanted to share with you this starter set of guidelines and lesson ideas in the meantime. This is based on the way our church school is going forward this year. We’re loosely following (with adaptations for grade levels) the Y2AM ministry plan, and everyone is doing a group lesson on the theme once/month. The first week of the month is an accessible activity on the theme of Stillness. Check out the {Y2AM Ministry Plan HERE}.

Copy of For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

IN MY FREE HANDS-ON CURRICULUM, you’ll find the guidelines for making an accessible and hands on program, the physical elements in my Sunday school class, descriptions of the games and lessons we’ll add on to main lessons in order to help teach prayers, a description of an entire month of hands-on lessons, and two free printable lesson aids. Don’t forget to check out my Special Needs Resources tab for more printable prayer aids!

Over the next year, I will create full-fledged hands-on curricula complete with supply lists, budget and ability adaptations, and custom sequence images. In the meantime, enjoy this working copy of the curriculum I made for the little ones in my care this year.

In Christ, Summer

The CURRICULUM:  HandsOnSundaySchoolSeptember2019

The STORY SEQUENCE: Fishers of Men

The MEMORY VERSE: For God so loved

The VISUAL SCHEDULE: Class Schedule

My book, Of Such is the Kingdom: A Practical Theology of Disability, is coming out THIS fall from Ancient Faith Publishing. Make sure to follow this blog for giveaways and free resources.

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