Visual Schedule for the Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory

This spring, we began attending our local Western Rite Orthodox Church, where the Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory is celebrated.…

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Listening with Lazarus in the time of the Rona

Lazarus was listening for Jesus long before he died. He would hear his friend’s voice on the road of an afternoon and rush to find his sisters.

“Martha, bring the good olives. Mary, set out your finest cheese. I will get the water to wash his feet.”

He listened for the voice on his sickbed, his deathbed, and in the tomb, he listened.

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Resource List for “They Shall All Know Me” Webinar on 7 Best Practices for Therapeutic Homeschools

VIEW THE PRESENTATION SLIDES ON MY “RECENT TALKS” PAGE. None of them shall teach his neighbor, and none his brother,…

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New and improved: Visual Schedule for the Orthodox Divine Liturgy

We’ve used the original visual schedule almost every week for the past three years to help my children participate in…

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