Free Sunday School Lesson: Silent Night

Not every family is able to attend church over the Christmas holidays, but lots of us want to teach our children about the Nativity. I teamed up with my daughter to bring you a free Autism-Accessible Sunday School Lesson on the Nativity of our Lord.

How is it autism-accessible?

  • sensory rich
  • images for focus
  • video modeling of another child participating
  • concrete examples of big ideas
  • imitate it at home
  • predictable: watch as often as you wish

To make it even more accessible, use this video along with an in person telling of the Nativity story. Download the Nativity story photos from my post, “Holiday Tips for Making Christmas Easier for Special Needs Families,” and use them to sequence the story as you tell it.

To enjoy at home, you can play from here or visit the YouTube link. You might also like to gather these supplies (affiliate links provided):

  • A picture of the Nativity or a holy icon of the Nativity.
  • A manger scene that the child or children can touch and play with.
  • A plastic bin filled with cracked corn (or popcorn in a pinch), oats, or other food that animals might eat in a farmyard. Add cups for pouring.
  • A sheepskin or faux sheepskin or fluffy faux fur.
  • Animal puppets such as the lamb in our video.
  • A handheld light or flashlight that the child can turn on and off.

Incorporate this video into your Christmastide alongside picture Bibles, reading aloud the lessons, and church services.

Merry Christmas!

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