Church Bag Printables to Improve Focus- Holy Week Version

It’s been several months since my last church bag post. One of my children has started exhibiting strong sensory needs in church combined with an ability to be redirected. I made a new church bag set for her that I describe in the video below. Scroll down for free printables to make your own focus board. You can also use the free printables from my other Special Needs Resources. Cut out the images that you wish to use and arrange them on cardstock for use in directing focus.

Church Focus Printables:

Holy Week Focus Board 1  Holy Week Focus Board 2

Print these and cut out the ones that are part of your church tradition. Mount them using tape, glue, or laminate onto a piece of cardstock. Make cardboard tube view finders (pretend binoculars) to help your child look at the focus images and find them in the service.

Tip for Teachers: Tape the images that fit your service onto plain paper and photocopy them for each child to have a copy.

Note that these Holy Week focus printables include common parts of the services of both Eastern and Western Christian traditions. You may wish to cut out the ones your family or students will see in a particular service to aid in focus.

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