Flexible Orthodox Liturgy Visual Schedule

Over the past couple of years, I have had the joy of seeing the visual schedule I made for the Orthodox Liturgy in use. Since I made the original version with the goal of avoiding the standard visual schedule need for cutting out squares, laminating, and using velcro, it lacked the flexibility to work perfectly across local customs. Taking into account my experience and conversations, I have made a new, flexible version of the visual schedule for the Orthodox Liturgy.

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To use this schedule, print out the blank, numbered pages where you will attach the squares you need. You will find that the schedule works best when printed on cardstock or on paper that is laminated. If you choose to laminate, you will need to cut out the squares, laminate, and cut them out again. I like using these Velcro pads from Amazon (affiliate link, two sets needed per project), but you can use any hook and loop fastener that you prefer. Once you have the basic schedule for your community in place, I recommend making photocopies to use on usual occasions. That way you won’t have to start over every time the people using the schedule remove or replace an item. 

Note: This schedule does not cover the intricacies of altar boy service. If you have a child with autism who is preparing for altar service, check out Maura Oprisko’s blog series, which includes safety tips and a social story.

Download the Flexible Schedule Pages Below:

Sequence Pages:

 flexibleliturgy1    flexibleliturgy2   flexibleliturgy3
flexibleliturgy4   flexibleliturgy5   flexibleliturgy6


  flexibleliturgy7   flexibleliturgy8  flexibleliturgy9  flexibleliturgy10 

Stay tuned for a post with special Holy Week focus aids!

Update: You can also print out the activity squares onto cardstock, cut them out, number the backs in order, and add them all to a large binder ring clip. This will make a keychain schedule for the Divine Liturgy that is easy to toss into a church bag or clip onto a stroller or mobility device.

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