Joyous Pentecost! Lego hack

One of the reasons I love Duplo and Lego blocks is their flexibility. It’s not hard to visualize flames of fire resting on the disciples’ heads when you can just pop a torch flame into the tiara dot on a Lego Friends or Princess doll. 

Author Summer Kinard’s Lego Princess Pentecost hack on faith tea love

We’ve used Duplo to build Jesus’ parables before, but I’m liking Princess Pentecost even better. If you’re Orthodox, Joyous Feast tomorrow! And even if you’re not, happy Pentecost, y’all! 

Author Summer Kinard’s Lego Pentecost hack on faith tea love

This hack uses the torch flames and lamp flames from the Ice Palace and Jasmine’s set, but the flames from Mixels and Chimas fit in the top of standard (non-Friends or Princess) Lego minifigs. Unfortunately, at the time of this post, our minifigs were deep undercover (a blanket fort) carrying out a mission and could not be reached for photos.


Do you have any liturgical Lego hacks? Link in the comments! 

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