Reading Like a Mother of a Neuro-atypical Child

I almost labeled this post, “Books By the Pound.” We just got back from the bookstore with a haul of 39 children’s books. Last week, 6 other books arrived by mail. Before you step on your, “Use the Library!” soapbox, let me tell you why I spend so much money (and time) buying books. 


a duck flashcard with a large bite nibbled out of the corner
The duck was my son’s favorite animal in Brown Bear.
Our youngest son LOVES books, but he’s still pre-verbal. Sometimes he finds a page in a favorite book that upsets him. Sometimes he also finds a marker:


The sad Elephant was too intense.
Other times, he can’t find his favorite toy ice cream cone or a real ice cream cone. But he wants to look at the pictures in his favorite ice cream book.


I saved most of this book because he’s learning to make sounds to go with his actions. If he’s silent, I can’t always tell he’s eating a book.
So he eats the book. 

He has loved and eaten and editorialized on a dozen or so favorite books. We mend what can be mended and read around what we can. Then we add the title to our Amazon list to buy again.

Most of tonight’s book haul.
Or we save up rewards points to shop at our local Barnes & Noble. 

The library, alas, is out of the question for now. 

Someday, though.

I hope.

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