Bible Study and Sunday School Vocabulary Board

If you have a concrete thinker or a child with complex communication needs, the thought of studying the Bible in a meaningful way might seem like out of reach. This board will help.

A core vocabulary set is bordered by a picture of Jesus, a picture of the Bible, and a spiral-bound set of key vocabulary words that will allow you to tell the most common Bible stories included in children and youth Sunday school curricula. “Bible words” panels picture nouns, “Bible actions” picture verbs, and “Bible descriptions” picture adjectives. The Bible vocabulary panels allow you to tell the parables, many of the miracle stories, and the most common Old Testament Bible stories. The core panel allows for instructions such as “turn the page,” as well.

You’ve seen the visual schedules for church services, which come from the world of occupational therapy. This Core Vocabulary board is one of the interventions from the world of speech therapy that is proven to work.  It builds understanding and use of language when adults model language while pointing to the pictures on the page and in the add-on page sections. Over time, even kids who cannot talk will gain a better ability to understand language and even to communicate using this method.

Here’s a tour of the board:

Like any form of communication, it takes time to become fluent. But the good news is that this method works.

Later this summer, I will add a complete autism-friendly Sunday school curriculum to my shop, including this Bible Study Core Vocabulary Board. This Bible Study Core Vocabulary Board can be used with any curriculum or in your classroom, youth group, or family Bible studies.

Download the Free Printables here:

Bible Study Core Communication Base
Sunday School CORE add ons
Bible words CORE
Need a Break Badges

To construct the Bible Study Core Board if you do not have a laminator and spiralizer, I recommend printing the pages onto cardstock, cutting out the add-ons, and affixing them with tape. It is my hope that by providing this resource for free, all children and families (even those without access to adequate speech therapy) can use this resource to build upon their other communication strategies.

A completed version of this Bible Study Vocabulary Board is available in my Awetism Etsy shop.

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