5 Sensory Fidgets That Are NOT Spinners

The fidget spinners are all the rage…everywhere but in my house. I prefer quieter fidgets that engage more of the senses and make the person do more of the work for the input. 

These mermaid sequined weighted lap pads give visual, touch, and pressure sensory input. Right now I’m filling a bulk order for a special education classroom, but these will be in my Awetism Etsy shop soon!

Here are some QUIET sensory toys that you can pack in a church or school bag:

  1. Mermaid Sequins. These sequins show different colors depending on which direction you brush them. You can probably find notebook covers or pillow covers in your local Walmart or other discount stores, but for maximum portability, try this {Mermaid Sequin Bracelet}.
  2. Silicone Slap Bracelets. These are great for a variety of sensory input. My kids have very different sensory styles, and they use these to snap onto wrists, rub over fingers, and even touch to their mouths.
  3. Rosary Rings: These stainless steel rings help keep track of prayers and can bring sensory comfort without being as obvious as prayer ropes or rosaries.
  4. Scratch N Sniff Stickers: These are the sensory input devices many of us remember from our childhoods. They give a lot of bang for the buck: scratching, sticky, colorful, and smelly. Depending on your child’s motor ability, they’re silent or near-silent as well.
  5. Velvet Pencil bags: These fit standard sized pencils and crayons, but they give a lot of touch and visual input without making a sound. Bonus: Since these are a useful stationery supply, the user can get a sensory fix several times a day unobtrusively.

Do you have a favorite quiet sensory toy or everyday object to help calm down in public? Post it in the comments so we can all add it to our sensory toolboxes.

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