Shattered: Praying with PTSD

You’ve read about my experiences praying with PTSD in other posts, such as “The Discipline of Weeping” and “Return to Your First Love: On Heart Prayer.” If you’ve spoken with me in person, I probably talked about the way God heals us sidealong. It’s time that I start talking more about the hands-on ways that God has helped me heal from extensive childhood trauma. For that I’ve created a new series in my just-launched video podcast, Some Myrrh. It’s called, “The P is for Prayer,” and you can watch or listen to the first episode now. This one is for anyone who has ever felt “Shattered.”

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  1. Beautifully spoken Summer. Fantastic idea as we can all heal in this way of seeing our traumas along with the power of prayer and truly opening our hearts and souls to the Lord. I would love to be added to your whole series. I believe this could definitely help a couple of shattered young ladies we know and love! ❤️🙏🏼

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