Checklist for wonder-working

There are four obvious things you need for wonderworking, and they might not be what you imagine. Then there’s the key.

An impromptu video I took in my kitchen.

You probably think of a wizened old man who has hidden himself from the world, or perhaps a silent, veiled woman who only shows up to drop off gifts that weren’t hers to begin with (she’s just the messenger). Or someone whose faith crackles from his eyes like lightning or whose voice sings with a strength that reaches across time and into chambers of power, despite her seclusion. We tend to typecast wonderworkers into whatever is impossible for us.

There are four traits of all wonderworking that will be obvious when I point them out: 1. God is the one working the wonder. 2. Faith. 3. Hope. 4. Love.

Because God is with us, we can pursue the virtues of faith, hope, and love. But what else is needed?

The key to seeing wonders is to show up.

Stability is the key, not because one particular place of meeting is more holy than others, but because God heals us through synergy. God is with us. We who believe and hope and love with God can bring others into the gifts of God’s presence. This is why you find wonderworkers in kitchens and bedsides and parish halls and park benches and jails as well as in wild places or mountains. The prerequisite is showing up, whether you are called to be a sea level saint or a mountaintop saint.

Build your character with God, and take it the next step, to be stable, to be with others in the place you are set. You will see wonders.

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