Visual Schedule for the Episcopal Church Eucharist Rite Two

Just in time for summer travel, I’ve prepared a visual schedule for the Eucharistic Prayer Rite Two of the Episcopal Church. This schedule follows the usual, not the penitential order, and it is suitable for use with Prayer A, B, C, and D. Download the free printable version below. For other free special needs church resources, visit my Disability Resources page.

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Free download of a visual schedule for the Episcopal Church Eucharistic Prayer Rite Two. Help children with autism, anxiety, learning and attention impairments, and sensory processing disorder stay in church services with this useful tool tailored to the order of service.

Why visual schedules?

Autism makes thinking different. To stay in church, a stable visual cue set can help a great deal. A visual schedule of the order of service provides social cues in a static way so that a person with autism does not have to work so hard to isolate them and process them. It also gives an easy to reference order of actions, so that one can plan one’s movements ahead of time and with less anxiety.

Download the free Visual schedule in PDF here:

Episcopal Visual Schedule Rite 2

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6 thoughts on “Visual Schedule for the Episcopal Church Eucharist Rite Two”

  1. Summer — Thanks very much for this! I will introduce it to the kids of the Advocate this Sunday, and will order laminated editions for the seasons ahead. On July 16 we will be hearing from Sherry Mergner (in the time of the sermon at our 5 PM summer liturgy and in a q and a afterwards), about how to connect with and support households with kids with autism. We are trying to sort out what to offer that is specifically designed to welcome autistic kids and how best to welcome and integrate autistic kids into our Sunday liturgy. Reading your post, it sounds like we should be having you come talk to us too! Would you be willing to meet me and our senior warden for coffee sometime? Also, I’m wondering if you live in Durham, if you have had occasion to meet my grandson, Cash Bland, and his parents? Grateful for your ministry, Lisa

    The Rev. Lisa G. Fischbeck Vicar The Episcopal Church of the Advocate 8410 Merin Road Chapel Hill, NC 27516 email: phone: 919-219-4437

    Friday is my sabbath day. I strive to be unfettered by calendars, clocks and emails on Fridays.


    1. I’d be honored to meet with y’all and come talk with your parish. Haven’t met Cash, but my children’s high needs keep me home a lot. Will contact you via email as well. Thank you!

  2. Fantastic idea Summer! I hope and pray that all families in need participate in this program!! I know how busy you are so I too know that the extra time and thought that you put into creating these were definitely made with love.. ☮❤️😄🙏🏻☀️💐🍷

  3. Thank you so much for this! I have been trying to develop something similar, but I am so thankful I found yours! What a blessing this will be for our kids, and our church.

    1. I’m so glad you found it! I hope it helps. I like to laminate them and punch a hole in each corner to bind with a binder ring. They stay tucked in the pew pockets well that way.

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