Just in time for summer travel, I’ve prepared a visual schedule for the Eucharistic Prayer Rite Two of the Episcopal Church. This schedule follows the usual, not the penitential order, and it is suitable for use with Prayer A, B, C, and D. Download the free printable version below, or you can purchase a set of two full color, heavy duty laminated schedules from my Awetism Etsy shop. For other free special needs church resources, visit my Special Needs Resources page.

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Free download of a visual schedule for the Episcopal Church Eucharistic Prayer Rite Two. Help children with autism, learning and attention impairments, and sensory processing disorder stay in church services with this useful tool tailored to the order of service.

Why visual schedules?

Autism makes thinking different. To stay in church, a stable visual cue set can help a great deal. A visual schedule of the order of service provides social cues in a static way so that a person with autism does not have to work so hard to isolate them and process them. It also gives an easy to reference order of actions, so that one can plan one’s movements ahead of time and with less anxiety.


Download the free Visual schedule in PDF here:

Episcopal Visual Schedule Rite 2

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